❝ Aphorisms are what young people want to write. They feel like they know things, they think they can sum things up, they’re pleased to sum things up. ❞
—— At the 2013 New Yorker Festival, Zadie Smith echoes Susan Sontag’s reservations about aphorisms, reflecting on the form as a symptom of youthful arrogance and sophomoric writing. Complement with Smith’s 10 rules of writing and her beautiful meditation on identity. (via certifiedshawty)


This tea is like handpicked and handsewn into an intricate little pouch

Haute couture tea


Woman and Cats, 1962
Will Barnet

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men get on my nerves like 98% of the time. but that 2% of the time when they not annoying the fuck out of me or harassing me or talking over me, i’m completely stanning and consumed and ready to buss the shit open on some wow look at your shoulders and jawline type shit.

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I’ve said this before, but I feel that there is little dignity in objectivity. Little pride in emotional voids. Perhaps that doesn’t have to be so absolute, because there are many instances in which we rely on apathy to survive, or at least put on an air of aloofness to cope with things that attack us, ignore us, offend us, are irrelevant to us, etc. But to me, desensitization is not a bragging right. There is no merit in not being offended. Your tolerance to what others may see as traumatizing, grotesque, or unsavory deserves no medals. Respect and understand the lives of others and gain your coin somewhere else.

BITCH ME TOO. I ate too many beans and rice tho…

I feel you. I just tried to stand up and could hear my feet cackling at me.

I thought I was gonna go to the gym tonight because I left work early, but my body was like “Absolutely not. No. You’ll be alright. You can watch some Youtubes if you want.”


i wonder how it feels to go to an olive oil tasting, very bougie i imagine

mangoestho can we do this for your 21st birthday?


African Sculpture (1958) Ladislas Segy